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Featured Webcast: How Baylor University Sped Up Social Media Delivery with NetPublish

Watch this webcast with Robbie Rogers and Matthew Minard of Baylor University to learn how they used Portfolio NetPublish to triple their social media engagement figures and achieve higher social media rankings than some of the biggest universities in the nation.

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Need To Share Files With Clients, Team Members Or Others?

P2017-NetPublish-Need-To-Share-Files-ENWith Portfolio NetPublish, it’s easy to publish dynamic websites that can be accessed from any browser on any device.

Share what you want, when you want, how you want.


Quickly Publish, Dynamically Update

You don’t need to know HTML, CSS, or any other web technology for that matter. Simply select the assets you need to distribute and instantly create an online portal with a single click. Assets can be dynamically updated too, ensuring everyone has the most recent files when they need them.


Immediate Access

Don’t get bogged down fulfilling ad hoc asset requests for everyone in your organization. NetPublish capitalizes on valuable metadata, such as keywords, to allow site visitors to locate the right asset quickly using Google-like, predictive searching. Have other fields users need to search? No problem! Custom search fields can be set up too.

Responsive & Mobile-Ready

NetPublish is designed to accommodate the rapidly growing number of mobile users with responsive, mobile-friendly sites that are accessible from any tablet or mobile device.

Unlimited Everything

NetPublish allows you to share without limits…period. Create an unlimited number of unique sites to distribute any number of assets to an unlimited group of visitors. It’s that simple.

Selective Sharing

Do you have sensitive documents, files that need approval, or assets that aren’t ready for public consumption? NetPublish gives you a flexible way to control access using password-protected sites. If you forget to add someone, don’t worry. You can allow visitors to request access directly from the site.


Automatic Expiration

Whether you are creating a light box for previewing a series of images or distributing a collection of approved documents, chances are those assets have a desired lifespan.

With NetPublish, set site expiration dates so portals automatically retire and go offline when necessary.


On Demand Asset Conversion

Like other assets in Portfolio, only store full-size files and generate variants as needed. NetPublish delivers the right resolution, size and file type for images and videos upon request. Don’t waste valuable creative time or clutter your catalog with variants that were created just in case.

Usage Reporting

Gain fresh insight on asset utilization with built-in reporting. By understanding which files are most frequently downloaded and who is downloading them, you can focus your creative team’s valuable time where it matters most. Reports can also be exported making it easy to share metrics with others.


On Demand Watermarking

NetPublish helps safeguard your intellectual and creative property with built-in watermarking. Automatically added on-the-fly, custom watermarks can be applied to preview images and full-resolution, downloadable assets.

*Requires Portfolio Media Engine.


Frequently, it’s easier to collaborate when the whole team has visibility to assets within the project. To facilitate a more collaborative workflow, users can send direct feedback anytime via the portal. Additionally, if individual assets need to be shared further, a direct link can easily be forwarded.


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