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Mac OS Font Management
Best Practices Guide

Best practice recommendations for efficiently working with fonts in professional workflows, including Mac OS, QuarkXPress and Adobe Creative Cloud. Topics include: system configurations, management of system fonts, cleaning up your font library, and making sense of font locations, formats, and caches.

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Font Management in Windows
Best Practices Guide

If you’re a creative professional working on Windows, this new best practices guide will make working with fonts easier and improve your workflow. Topics include: organizing large installed font collections, identifying fonts that are critical for Windows, managing fonts installed by other apps, font licensing, adding new fonts, selecting and implementing a font manager, and overall font maintenance.

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Server-Based Font Management
Best Practices Guide

What is the best way to organize fonts for your team’s workflow? How can you keep your workgroup running smoothly and avoid costly font-related lawsuits? Learn how to assess your needs, create an effective font licensing and reporting strategy and more from the Server-Based Font Management Best Practices Guide.