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Gain better insight

With thousands and thousands of fonts, it can be difficult to fully understand how your team interacts with such a deep company resource.

Universal Type Server makes it easy to dig deep into the mountain of font usage data available with handy graphical reports.


Reports in each edition

The following are the reports available in Universal Type Server.

See which reports are available to each edition below.

Report Name Description Pro Enterprise
Users Quickly view all users and their account details. Yes! Yes!
Fonts See a list of all fonts on your server. Yes! Yes!
Users by Workgroup View which users have access to each workgroup. Yes! Yes!
Fonts by Workgroup See fonts assigned to each workgroup. Yes! Yes!
Client Connections Enables you to see which users are currently connected. Yes! Yes!
User Settings Allows you to quickly examine all user settings. Yes! Yes!
Out of Compliance Helps you determine if your font usage is within your licensed parameters. Yes!
Duplicate Fonts Gives you the ability to clean up possible duplicates in the server. Yes!
Fonts by License Enables you to track how fonts are being licensed in your organization. Yes!
Current Font Usage An at-a-glance view of your font usage to help keep your fonts in compliance at all times. Yes!
Server-based Font Management Best Practices

Server-based Font Management Best Practices

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